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LED Boards Live Advertising

Infront’s LED systems have been developed for optimum performance in the sports environment - high quality, reliable and efficient to create the highest impact for brand messages onsite and on TV.

Developed with sport in focus

From the outset, the development of the boards was tailored to fit the needs of major sports rights-holders and event organisers, while conforming to major international stadium advertising guidelines. The systems provide many benefits with the production costs being relatively low, even though advertising messages can be fed in late in the day. Changes can be made in a matter of hours prior to the start of a game, a factor that should not be underestimated in the dynamic field of advertising.


The Infront systems are based on the latest LED hardware and include sophisticated controller units and a tailor-made software solution. The systems optimise the visibility of sponsor advertising messages and work especially well for television viewing purposes – providing a clear-cut, colour-fast overall picture regardless of the camera position. Developed for easy transport and logistics, the systems provide the flexibility to be moved from one event to another in a matter of hours. The technology has been designed to work well for close-ups, displaying accurate sponsor colour and great contrast. Player-safe, they add considerable value to the advertising message ensuring perfect visibility in all weather conditions.


  • Infront leads the way in visual communication for sports
  • Infront live advertising solutions are cost effective and state-of-the-art
  • The systems are valued by major sports rights holders worldwide including FIFA, UEFA, Serie A and the DFB.

LED Boards Live Advertising