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Innovative marketing for FIS World Cup

The FIS World Cup events are extraordinarily popular. Infront unified the format and created a marketing concept that showcased sponsors throughout the competition, offering high visibility on a collective basis alongside the prestige of the FIS ski experience.

Developing unique marketing concepts through a collective approach

Infront was challenged with a fragmented sponsorship environment and the objective of maximising commercial power for event owners and sponsors of the FIS World Cup. The FIS World Cup events owned by independent national federations and organising committees presented a cluttered and inconsistent look and feel, with over 20 sponsor brands scattered across the course. Opportunities for brand awareness were minimal due to the overload of advertising boards.

Unified series - bringing brands to the forefront

Infront took over and unified the rights, overhauling the ­existing marketing methods to develop a commercial ­concept providing a unified series of races that held the potential to ­create higher exclusivity, impact and visibility to ­commercial partners. A structured and streamlined approach was ­developed together with the various stakeholders and ­implemented in accordance with new marketing guidelines to ensure consistency across events.

Reducing the overall number of partners, in a “less-is-more” approach, packages provided clean advertising layouts at the events for greater exposure. Five packages for a maximum of seven sponsors per race/competition ensure high sponsor visibility with limited branding to specific areas of the course. ­Additionally, higher quality production, with an increased ­number of cameras, has enhanced the races’ attractiveness on TV leading to greater audiences and simultaneously making the sponsor advertising more visible


  • Infront marketed events have a ­consistent look and feel and are clearly distinguishable;
  • Sponsors receive increased brand visibility with up to 50% course ­exclusivity - showcased alongside only one other sponsor in specific sections of the course and start/finish areas;
  • Streamlined sponsorship structure includes only 7 sponsors per race;
  • Average revenue per sponsor/race has increased by >25% and substantial new partners have been acquired;
  • Marketing guidelines guarantee ­consistency across all advertising boards for a ­professional and structured visual appearance.

Innovative marketing for FIS World Cup