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IIHF and Skoda sponsorship

Setting the Guinness World Record for the longest sponsorship of a world championship, ŠKODA has leveraged the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship’s upward media exposure to consistently boost brand awareness for over 25 years.

Building a platform like no other through constant enhancement

An IIHF World Championship partner since 1992, first as Official Car Sponsor and since 1993 as Official Main Sponsor, the engagement ranks as the longest standing partnership in ice hockey sponsorship history; recognised by the Guinness World Records in 2007 and 2017. The constant enhancement of the marketing platform, the interaction with fans, the product placement, the advertising and the subsequent development of the sports property itself, has led to ŠKODA becoming synonymous with ice hockey.

Transforming ice hockey into customer engagement

ŠKODA’s activation has evolved from primarily a media-targeted strategy to sponsorship activation at its most advanced. The ŠKODA logo in the centre circle of the ice rink is now almost a "trademark" for the IIHF World Championship. “Simply Clever” marketing tactics have created huge opportunities for the brand. Amongst them are: dedicated new media services for fans including an iPhone application; a photo promotion that generates huge numbers of photos being taken onsite; exclusive product placement in and outside the venues; advertising boards and promotional activities that include fun give-aways such as car flags and branded paper ice hockey helmets in return for direct marketing leads.


  • The engagement has supported ŠKODA’s sales considerably in all major international markets
  • Extensive exploitation of the sponsorship has boosted brand awareness for ŠKODA
  • ŠKODA’s achieves visibility on TV internationally through two-thirds of the overall broadcast time 
  • Ice hockey and image association was integral to the launch of ŠKODA’s new corporate identity in 2011

IIHF and Skoda sponsorship