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Host Broadcast production for FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup™ accounts for the biggest television audience of any sports event in the world. As Host Broadcaster of FIFA World Cups™ since 2002, Infront (through subsidiary HBS), has consistently built on experience, enhancing standards and services to introduce award-winning innovations for FIFA.

First fully connected 24/7 FIFA World Cup™

For the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, HBS was able to build on the provision of the highest standards of coverage, production facilities and services, putting together a multimedia offering of unprecedented scope and global success. Feeding international broadcasters with the opportunity to provide coverage of the tournament across all digital platforms including  desktops, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and games consoles – this was the first truly connected multimedia FIFA World Cup™.  

Building on a broadcasting masterpiece

HBS takes the legacy and experience of each FIFA World Cup™ forward to build a more enriched Host Broadcast each time. The 2014 production plan built on the success and experience of the 2002, 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cups™, providing Media Rights Licensees (MRLs) with programming that met the highest standards of quality and innovation. Innovations introduced for the world-class game include the delivery of full 16/9 HD production in 2006, 3D production in 2010 and 4K production in 2014.

An operation of unprecedented scale

In 2014 the task involved 12 stadiums in 12 host cities and a 55,000 square metre International Broadcast Centre (IBC) located at the Riocentro exhibition complex in Rio de Janeiro. Functioning as a broadcasting village, the IBC took five months to assemble. In addition to all multilateral services and facilities run by HBS, it housed, for 86 MRLs, unilateral offices, technical areas and 17 custom-built TV studios. Approximately 5,000 hours of FIFA Max Server content was made available for MRLs, captured by 34 cameras at all 64 matches, as well as dedicated electronic news gathering (ENG) crews. Each of the 32 participating teams was allocated a camera crew, nine additional crews explored Brazilian culture, and two crews were located at the IBC, for a total of 43 FIFA TV ENG crews. This year the hugely successful FIFA Max Centre Media Server, which provides MRLs with a vast library of clips for all broadcasting needs, registered a total of 232,000 downloads - offering the ability to browse, log and exchange match material together with additional colour material gathered by FIFA TV ENG crews and the archiving service.


  • The 2014 event was a truly global multimedia event – with second screen users liberated from the constraints of television programming schedules
  • Approximately 5,000 hours of FIFA Max Server content was made available for MRLs, captured by 34 cameras at all 64 matches, as well as 43 dedicated electronic news gathering (ENG) crews.
  • A remarkable “first” for the sports broadcasting industry, in 2014 fans around the world received 4K ultra HD images from three matches, including the Final. 
  • 2014 also build on the success of previous innovative mobile packages containing tailored content, specific to the requirements of mobile network operators and users

Host Broadcast production for FIFA World Cup