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Full service for Lega Calcio

For the Lega Serie A, Infront provides a high-value holistic solution - handling the entire gamut of broadcast production and content creation across diverse platforms as well as media rights distribution, marketing and commercialisation.

Underpinning the success of top Italian football

Through a comprehensive partnership with the Lega Serie A and B, as well as the majority of Italian clubs, Infront works to guarantee the highest and smoothest quality delivery of Italian football across multiple platforms - continually enhancing production and optimising marketing opportunities to exploit the full potential of the Championships of the Italian football Leagues. Infront has been advising on domestic and international media rights since centralised sales started in 2010/11.

Italian leagues rivalling other top European series

Supervising the production of over half the Serie A club matches, Infront provides an end-to-end media production service across all major stadiums. Each season, for both Serie A and Serie B matches Infront advises in respect to the distribution of the international feed and attractively packaging the rights for broadcasters and digital media (including film, sound, text and imagery) for various platforms across all markets. Pre-produced magazine and highlight programming as well as additional footage, background information and interviews are also generated around the matches with high international exposure for Italian club football. Furthermore, the Serie A football archive - a comprehensive library of historic footage offering a full service to producers, television networks and other media operators is also managed by Infront.


  • Seamless, targeted and premium football content delivered across multiple platforms and devices
  • Single source for all production provides a consistent quality of picture for distribution worldwide
  • Market-tailored packaging results in fuller exploitation and increased broadcasting
  • The Lega Serie A and B as well as the majority of Italian clubs have benefitted from improved product standards and maximised exposure

Full service for Lega Calcio