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D-SERVANT - First Class Hospitality Management EN

Customer-oriented, innovative, revolutionary - that's D∙SERVANT! The hospitality and guest management tool from Infront Sports & Media digitises and simplifies the entire hospitality process - from ticketing to event organisation and invitation management to guest check-in by the hosts.

D∙SERVANT is the world's first holistic digital solution to simplify your hospitality and guest management with special features like location planner, digital seating, invitation management and interfaces to ticketing and live sports data. Thanks to its high flexibility and easy scalability, the tool is suitable for sports clubs and associations, stadium and arena drivers, as well as for event agencies and event organisers. The web-based user interface of D∙SERVANT allows the hospitality and event managers as well as hosts and guests to access the content at any time and on all devices.

10 top advantages:

  1. Refinancing through various marketing options (Return on investment)
  2. Cost savings by reducing pressure and material requirements
  3. Increased productivity by digitising work processes
  4. Functionality on all end devices and browsers
  5. Error minimisation through smooth implementation before, during and after the event
  6. Personal and effective guest care by the hosts
  7. Potential increase in sales by increasing the attractiveness of the hospitality area
  8. Lead generation by collecting customer data
  9. Retrievability of all content, at any time and anywhere
  10. Noticeable increase in customer satisfaction

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D-SERVANT - First Class Hospitality Management EN